Solar Installer Qualification – Level 1

Course Number: SOLL1
Course Description: This course covers the types, design, components, and installation methods for photovoltaic systems used in various renewable energy applications. Participants will learn about solar cell technology, how solar radiation is used for power production, basic electricity, array location and assembly, and industry standards for residential, commercial and large solar installations. In the hands-on-portion of the workshop, participants will utilize several manufacturers’ instruction guidelines to construct typical rooftop and ground mount solar arrays. UBC Solar Installer Qualification card is issued upon completion of this course and the additional requirements.
Additional Requirements
• Construction Fall Protection
• OSHA-30
• Powered Industrial Truck Operator-Rough Terrain
Prerequisite: None
Course Length: 32 hours.
Eight – 4 hour nights
NY Schools Offering Course: None
NJ Schools Offering Course: